Review of 1byeOne’s Vintage Record Player [Belt-Drive 3 Speed Portable Turntable w/Speakers/RCA Output/ Headphone Jack/MP3 Playback]

My freshman year of college (way back in 2001) I heard tell of this one guy’s vinyl record collection.  One day a group of us were ushered into his dorm room to see it.  I looked down at a tupperware container containing, say, maybe 12 brand-new vinyl records.  Growing up my dad had a walk-in closet with a lifetime’s collection of records.  I cringe to think what kind of unimpressed, wiseass comment I made upon seeing this guy’s little starter collection.  Well now I’m the one with a starter collection and it’s a pretty hodgepodge mix.  And to be fair, they’re not even my records, they’re Christopher’s.  But the record player that 1byOne sent me last week (#complimentary) has become a surprisingly exciting new possession of mine.  Like I brag about it.  I guess it gives me a little taste of 1nostalgic childhood memories.  And I feel cool that I knew how to use it without help.

Below is a gallery of pictures documenting the details of my badass little record player and a 30 second video demonstration of how great it works.  But first, here’s a few details I noticed:

  • If you’re a real speaker snob, you can hook the record player up to your fancy speakers and play the music through there.  I was totally satisfied with the speakers within the record player though.
  • There’s 3 different speeds.  I don’t know anything about that, but I assume more options is always a plus.
  • You can plug headphones into the turntable in case your housemates don’t feel like listening to “Pinball Wizard” for the 14th time.
  • You can also hook your smartphone/tablet/mp3 player up to it and play your digital collection through the turntable’s speakers.
  • It comes in different colors.  (OMG check out the light turquoise one.)
  • The record player folds up very conveniently to become easy to carry.  Closed-up it looks like a briefcase.  Or a typewriter.  Perfect for that new generation of retro-inspired college students.  My only suggestion would be that the creators find a little place where the power cord could tuck in for transport.  I feel like I’d end up losing the cord if I was moving it around a lot.

(If you can’t see the video below, click here to see it on YouTube directly.)

I found a box set of Mozart albums in the basement and I thought it would be kind of neat to listen to one album each night at dinner.  Feels like one step closer to live music.  Of course I’m the only one who gets to operate it though.  (#miserly #uncharitable)

Great gift idea!  Available on Amazon and directly through 1byOne’s web site.  Your grandson or granddaughter could be the coolest indie guy/gal in the dorm or your husband could outfit his man cave in vintage style.  Or you could get one for yourself like me and just feel happy and nostalgic every time you put on an album.  And yardsaleing is going to be extra fun next season, always keeping an eye out for albums to add to my collection…




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