I’m having so much trouble with my #DaytimeSleepDisorder that I haven’t been working one of my two part-time jobs, substitute teaching.  I really miss interacting with the kids and visiting with staff in the teacher’s room.  While at home I’ve been getting sleepy-sick multiple times a day, of course I have waking hours as well.  These hours are easily filled with housework but everyone needs some fun & intellectual stimulation as well.  And in my case, it should be thrifty fun.  So that’s why I’ve been posting a review every week of products that the company 1byOne sends me (#complimentary).

This week’s item was the: “1byone Multi-angle Portable Stand for Smartphones Tablets E-readers, Durable Adjustable Aluminum Body, Phone Stand Holder for smartphones, tablets, etc.” In short, it’s a stand that holds your smartphone or tablet so that you can read/watch the screen easily, all the while protecting your tech.  For example, I could place my iPad in the stand on the counter while baking and I would be able to easily read the recipe and keep the tablet safe from the damp/sticky counter.

The stand is sleek and simple and even matches my 1byOne USB Hub.  The stand bends and rotates to find you find a helpful angle.  Like many people, my iPad case fails to serve as a stand because the ridges aren’t deep enough.  What’s great is that the 1byOne stand slips in and out of the case without removing it from its protective cover.  These photos highlight details of the stand:

The stand is available on the company’s web site for $14.99 and also currently  available on Amazon for $10.99   It’s such a handy and compatible product that it would be great for holiday and corporate gift baskets.  A gift basket business.  Now that would be a #DaytimeSleepDisorder friendly job…