REVIEW: Bluetooth Keyboard – 1byone’s Multi Touchpad, Touch Keyboard for Windows, Linux / Android OS Tablet PC/ Galaxy Tabs& Smart Phone


Good evening!  This weekend’s review is of a helpful product – one that may be of particular use to those with health ailments – 1byeOne’s bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.  With this lightweight keyboard, your smartphone or tablet becomes a laptop.  It could: 1) Replace the need for a laptop and make your luggage lighter and therefore less of a burden for you to carry while traveling, 2) make it possible to answer a few emails from the couch or while in bed, be it home or hospital (I say “a few emails” because you really should be seated properly if you’re going to be typing for very long.)  It’s super easy to pair with your device and charges off a usb cord.  The keyboard’s one shortcoming is that when paired with an Apple product, the trackpad doesn’t work – however the company is very clear about that incompatiblity.  Without a working trackpad, you use your finger on the touchscreen (as usual) and then type with the keyboard.  For me, that’s no biggie and I recommend the product and it’s affordable price.  Here’s a quick video:

The keyboard’s available on Amazon and on 1byeOne’s web site for $16.99.