Let (or in this case, make) it snow: 1byone’s 650w Snowflake Machine


I made it snow today, using 1byone’s 650w Snowflake Machine.  The company sent me this nifty contraption so that I could demonstrate to you fine people how it works.  It was much, much easier than I assumed it would be.  As you can see in the two short videos below, you basically pour the snow solution (not included, but available online here or here or here) into the machine, plug the machine in and hit the “on” button.  Snow is emitted almost immediately, at a fast and powerful rate.

[Note: This is not the same as Mother Nature’s snow, you shouldn’t let your kids eat it.]

As you can see, the flakes are large and bright white and stayed on the ground for a little while, and it was like 50’F  when I tried it out today.  I think I would say the machine is about as noisy as a hair dryer.  If you were making it snow for a photo shoot, not a problem.  If you were making it snow for your kids’ small indoor Christmas pageant, you’ll need the kids to really sing kinda loud to be heard.

Here’s a photo gallery and then two short videos:

The machine is available on Amazon HERE.


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