1byeOne’s Super LED Dome Light could really jazz up tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Dinner


The latest gadget 1byOne sent me (#complimentary) is their  Super LED Dome Light.  This zany little guy  is like a disco ball on steroids.  As just a light  it has 8 settings, each with a diferent set off color combinations and shapes.  Each of these settings also has the ability to increase the motor roation speed. The dome plugs into the wall for power and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.  I would reccommend you do this, (even if it’s just to turn the dome on its side and put it on a high bookcase shelf )- with the dome placed on the floor, it can be really easy to catch a ray of intense light in your eyes which is quite unpleasant.  With the dome turned sideways or down, you don’t notice the dome itself and get to focus on the beautiful light show.  Pictures below show all the details and in the video you can see the dome in action.

Now, this dome also has the capability to be synced with music.  Perfet for any DJ and/or home party.  I can picture it especially at little kid birthday parties, dorm room parties and juinor high dances.  When synced with music, the light show adapts to match the speed of the song. Pretty nifty.  I did not explore this feature.  You can see in the photos the specifications for manually attaching the dome to your music equipment – this not a Bluetooth gadget.

The Dome Light worked right out of the box and with the manual I could fairly quickly get the settings where I wanted them.  It’s one of those things where the settings and numbers seem to make no sense (like are not labeled practically) but are are still fairly easy to figure out.  In my quiet living room I noticed the sound of the motor churning, however when I explored the motor rotation speeds, there were plenty of lower settings where the motor produced very little noise.  At a party it wouldn’t matter  if the engine churned a bit, any music and discussion could mask it.

I am going to keep this little guy handy (ohh by the way, it’s very light to hold and carry) so that I can whip it out annd uupgrade any party with a light show.  I think my mom, who is a second grade teacher, should use it at her winter holiday classroom party.  Best Teacher Ever award right there.  My twelve year old stepdaughter might enjoy turning it on for her friends  as well.  This product is available for $21.99 on Amazon and also directly through 1byOne’s web site.  Video below.  Enjoy!

If you’re having trouble viewing the video it’s also available directly on YouTube here.