FREETO’s High Performance Cut Resistant Gloves 

The folks at FREETO recently sent me a pair of their High Performance Cut Resistant Gloves (#complimentary).  They arrived just in time, because I was setting out to cook my first ever batch of French Onion Soup, which, if you’re familiar with French Onion Soup, requires the slicing of many an onion.  That’s lots of thin slicing of awkward shaped onions while your eyes are burning with tears.

It was a much safer experience with my new cut resistant gloves.  I could hold the onion better with the grip of the gloves and when the knife came close to my finger tips and knuckles, they were safe from nicks.  I’ve had my fair share of kitchen knife nicks (and worse) and they’re unpleasant and slow down the cooking process for sure.  It was delightful not to have to worry about it this time.

You can find all the technical details (like the fact that they adopt high performance polyethylene (HPPE) fibers and stainless steel material) about the gloves here, but a few points of my own:  Make sure to measure your hand as shown in the product write up, a pair of gloves that are too large for you will be awkward to use.  (I was a size small.)  After my onion cutting, my gloves definitely have a smell to them, so I plan on giving them a good washing (you can hand or machine wash them).   The gloves came in a nice zip-lock type bag, although there was no real phamplet/directions.  That would be a nice addition if I were to give the gloves as a gift so that the recipient had some info.

Who would use these gloves, besides home cooks like me?  Restaurant owners could purchase them for their line staff and avoid all those ugly lost band-aid scenarious.  Folks who work on mechanical projects (like motorcycles) or home projects (like some kind of sharp pipes) would be able to protect their hands from cuts with these gloves.  Sometimes even dealing with recycling (aluminum cans) can call for a little hand protection while still maintaining dexterity.

This product is available here on Amazon for the very reasonable price of $9.95.