FREETOO’s Running Belt, aka “My Freedom Belt”


Having a handful of health problems, my initial reaction when FREETOO sent me their Running Belt was Thanks guys, that’ll come in handy when I go running….never. BUT this little pack turned out to be way more useful to me than I thought.  I took some kids to the park yesterday (walking, not running there) and instead of carrying a purse which makes my shoulder ache the minute I pick it up, I wore my newly named Freedom Belt.  Look, no hands! I wanted to shout.  Freedom felt great.  Things to know:

  • Lays flat across you when nothing is in it, and if you pack it right, it lays pretty darn flat even when full. (See photos above of me wearing it.)
  • Holds most cell phones (although I had to take my bulky cover off.)
  • Has smaller compartment perfect for credit cards, IDs and single keys.
  • Has a little hole you can string your headphones through.
  • Apparently the bright color is strip is reflective.
  • Strap adjusts for different outfits, different users.
  • Will be great for travel, hiding it under your shirt or coat will protect your cash, etc. better than any kind of purse.
  • Great gift item!

Available here on Amazon for $8.99 (with Prime 2-day shipping!)