E-Prance’s Salt & Pepper Grinder

Most people have experienced fresh ground pepper but have you experienced fresh ground sea salt?  Most delicious.  Especially on baked potatoes.  E-prance recently sent me their Manual Salt/Pepper Grinder (#complimentary).  Here are some of the benefits of this particular model:

  • It grinds salt OR pepper.  It’s flexible and can bend to your whims and needs.  Plus that makes it a great gift if you’re not intimately familiar with the recipient’s kitchen needs.
  • It’s easy to add the salt/pepper.  Some grinders give you a quarter-sized hole, as you can see in the picture above, the whole top pretty much comes off this one.
  • It has adjustable fineness.  If your auntie comes over and is skeptical of freshly ground pepper because she’s worried for the sake of her teeth, you can easily wind it down (see the +/- in the picture above) and it will feel just like those boring picnic salt and pepper shakers.

This lovely little gift for yourself or a friend is available here on Amazon.com for $13.90.  Enjoy!