E-Prance’s Manual Citrus Juicer

In the past when I’ve made these rather popular Lemon Squares, I’ve squeezed the juice out of the lemons by hand.  While the fresh juice makes your hands smell great, the sting always causes some involuntary swearing.  Well, those days are behind me.  E-Prance kindly sent me their Manual Citrus Juicer (#complimentary) and it works like a charm.

First of all, it’s less work on the hands.  You’re doing one squeezing motion with your fingers instead of clenching your whole hand over and over.

Second of all, the citrus juice is no longer drying out your hands, and as I mentioned earlier, the intense sting of citrus juice is no longer taking your breath away.

Third, and it took me a while to realize this one, I no longer have to fish around in the extracted juice for the lemon seeds.  They’re all caught in the juicer.

You can see the photo gallery above and 63 second video below or here on YouTube.

The product is available on Amazon.com (eligible for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping) here.    Another great gift item!  Enjoy.