E-Prance’s Aroma Diffuser

At our house we go through scented candles like it’s nobody’s business.  I feel like I’m constantly buying candles, lighting candles and extinguishing candles.  Lucky for me, E-Prance sent me a (#complimentary) alternative and so far I MUCH prefer it to candles:an Aromatherapy Diffuser.

It’s like a tiny little humidifier with all kinds of bonus features.  First of all, you add a little bit of water soluble scented oil (not included) to regular tap water and the vapor that emerges from the top scents the room.  I found this large bottle of “Fresh Linen” oil at the Dollar Tree for $1.  Secondly, you can set the diffuser to puff steam continuously or at 30 second intervals.

Third, you can set it to glow like a candle in various ways.  You can browse through and pick one of the 6 colors or you can let the diffuser cycle through all the colors slowly on its own.  It’s peaceful and calming while helpful as a nightlight.

I tried the diffuser out in several rooms and have settled it in my kitchen.  I dislike any lingering cooking flavor smells after dinner so I plugged it in on my kitchen counter.  During cleanup, I press the mist button and within an hour the kitchen smells fresh and clean.  Here’s a video I made of the diffuser cycling through all its color options while diffusing the aromatic vapor:

E-Prance’s Aroma Diffuser is available here on Amazon for $25.99 (free 2-day Prime Shipping.)  I highly enjoy mine.


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