My Little Book

Living Incurably Despite Chronic Illness is available for $2.99 via Kindle, which means you can access it on your Kindle device, using the free Kindle app on your iPad, Android, Blackberry & Windows phone, OR using the free Kindle Cloud Reader which operates within your computer’s web browser.

An Editor’s Pick by Lupus Now MagazineThis little book is an Editor’s Pick for its humor, honesty, and humility. 










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  2. Hi, MaryJane. I’m going to include your book in the Spring issue of Lupus Now magazine. Just wanted you to know!

    Hope you are doing well.


    Jenny Thorn Palter
    Lupus Now Editor-in-Chief

    Lupus Foundation of America
    2000 L Street N.W., Suite 410
    Washington, DC 20036

    Direct: 202.349.1147
    Cell: 301-520-4632
    Main: 202.349.1155
    Fax: 202.349.1156



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  6. Just finished reading your book. U explained a lot of feelings and thoughts that I also have. So glad to see you recently.



      • Ashley,, if you are on FB, you might want to check out my brother’s posts. He had a massive stroke a number of years ago and he posts almost daily on FB about his thoughts and activities. He has his music to keep him going. He is on FB as Bob Iriana. I let him know about your book as am certain her will read it soon.



      • think u will enjoy following him. Basically he can only do so much in a day and rests when he is tired, which usually is when his left hand and side are not under control. If he is rested, he is much like he was before but u can tell by watching his eyes when fatigue or too much confusion tires him. Can’t sit anywhere with noisy people talking around him as it just befuddles his brain and tires him out. Earplugs help some but he also wants to hear the music that others are playing.



  7. Very exciting! I will look for your book in the future and also Pillow Fort Magazine. I hadn’t heard of it before!



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