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The Reluctant Housewife: Laundry Room Edition


Recently I posted, The Reluctant Housewife: Shower Edition. What is a Reluctant Housewife?  A career-minded, graduate degree holder with dreams of being an important impetus of change who got sick and sidelined and hates it.  But here I am, and if I’m going to be home most of the week, I’m going to be the best frickin’ Reluctant Housewife I can be.  Which means efficiency, since energy is a scarce resource in my world.

As an example of the household efficiency I strive for, I’ll take this opportunity to brag about the two clotheslines I recently installed in my laundry room.  This new installation saves me from having to load heavy wet clothes into a basket and then lug that basket elsewhere to hang on a drying rack.  Hanging laundry directly from the washer to the line, I barely even have to move my feet.  I conserve energy and prevent painful time-wasting muscle spasms.

It’s not running the non-profit or government agency I always planned on, but for today, I’ll take it as success!

P.S. I bought the clothes lines here for a very reasonable $7.09 .  I’m not getting anything for saying that, I just really like how strong they are, how they don’t tear at your clothes and how they even have slots for hangers.  Plus they’re fun colors. 



Night night.

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 Night night. #HappyPlace That is, when there’s no hallucinations. Last night there were imaginary pine needles and attic crud falling all over me. The weirdest times are when I still see stuff after I’ve turned the light on.  I’d like to request a hallucination where my bedroom turns into a fancy massage/pedicure/facial spa.  With no pine needles.