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Getting dressed & staying dressed

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Quick note: check out my review of a nifty vintage-inspired turntable (aka, vinyl record player) that folds up into almost a briefcase here.

Back in March I wrote an article for the blog Counting My Spoons entitled, “Making it Work: Chronic Illness & Fashion.”  I wrote about how picking out an outfit the night before helps me silence a nagging little voice that tries to tell me that because of the various symptoms that potentially could hit the next day that maybe I should just throw in the towel (before the day even begins) and just stay home.  Now staying home is of course that right choice some days, but there are plenty of days where working, socializing, and of course shopping are even better for you health.  You can find that article here.

On that note, I’ll share a follow-up tip for those of us who tend to live in yoga pants and t-shirts:  When you can, stay dressed in your day clothes a little later than normal.  You might notice some changes in how you feel mentally if some days you wait until evening to get into your lounge/sleep clothes.  And if you have others in your household, it can affect your relationship with them as well, bolstering your self-esteem and how they view you and your productivity.  Here’s a collage of some of my favorite recent outfits that I liked enough to wear past dinner time (which is really saying something).  You’ll notice there’s a sweater theme going on, as fall is in full swing here in New England.  Give it a try on a good day: Get dressed in something you enjoy and then stay dressed, even if it feels like there’s no reason to.


Brought to you by: H&M, hand-me-downs, Burlington Coat Factory, hand-me-downs, Old Navy, and Target.

Have a good Friday.  Hope you’re well enough for your favorite outfit.



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