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Talk to Me. Which podcasts do you listen to?



During the day I listen to BBC News and NPR through the Sirius subscription Christopher has.  I also listen to my local station, NHPR through their app.  But I can’t for the life of me warm up to listening to Podcasts.  It feels like eating leftovers because I know it’s not live.  But they’re free and fun and educational and varied so I must give it a try.  Any suggestions? Which podcast channels do you listen to?


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  1. I don’t listen to podcasts with any sort of frequency because I tend to be more of a music person when it comes to audio consumption, but there are a handful that I do enjoy and listen to from time to time… A big theme through most of these is mindful living and creative process.

    Michael Nobbs’ The One Thing Today Podcast:
    I think you might really like this one, they’re really short and the podcaster lives with chronic fatigue syndrome and his whole jam is making a commitment to doing one creative thing a day and not overextending yourself. Plus, he has a delightful British accent that makes me want to listen to him forever.

    Jen Lee & Tim Manley’s Just Between You & Me:
    This one’s brand new and only has one episode, but it was really really good. I may be biased. I’m taking a storytelling class from Tim right now.

    The Lively Show:

    The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast for recovering perfectionists:

    Pace & Kyeli’s Wild Crazy Meaningful Life:

    Creative Living with Jamie:

    Jen Lee’s Retrospective:
    This one’s older and not active, but the interviews are so good that I can’t not share it.



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