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How smart is YOUR lightbulb? 💡💡💡 Review of 1byone’s Smart LED Bulb



My whole household has been enchanted with this week’s (#complimentary) review item from 1byone: their – and here’s a mouthful for you – 1byone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Smart LED Night Light bulb.  Basically, it’s a lightbulb…like the niftiest lightbulb ever. Let’s begin at the beginning and then at the end I’ll have a video for you where you can see the whole thing in action.

So, you get your Smart LED Bulb in the mail:


You screw it into any old lamp and you have a regular ole light bulb, right?


WRONG.  It gets way better.  You scan the QR code on the box to find the bulb’s app.  Yes, it has its own app – works on both Apple and Android gadgets:

Using the included instructions, you pair the bulb to your gadget using its Bluetooth capabilities.  NOTE: Follow the order of the pairing instructions exactly.  I was excited, tried to play it fast and loose, and had to circle back and start over again because the order of the steps is important. 

Once you’re paired with the app, you can turn the bulb off and on. (Meaning you don’t have to get up from your chair once you’re all snuggled in with your blanket, cat and hot cocoa.)


You can change the colors of the bulb:

You can set a timer for when you want the light to go off:


You can play music through the bulb’s little speakers (it uses the music you already have on your phone):


During the music, you have two options light-wise.  You can choose a color and stick with it, OR you can let the light bulb light up in tune with the music.  Video time:

If you can’t see the video above, here’s a direct link: Video

You can see for yourself that it is, in fact, the nitftiest lightbulb ever.  Thoughts: In a future version, I would suggest that the music be sorted by album or artist.  It would be a great gift for tweens, teens as well as adults.  I think it could be especially helpful for adults if you don’t want to clutter your desk with a set of speakers.  And, being an LED bulb and not an old fashioned light bulb, it will probably outlast the life of your phone and your printer put together.

Here is the link to the bulb on Amazon (where it’s cheaper) and here’s the direct link to 1byone’s web site: 1byone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Smart LED Night Light bulb.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s installment of Send me stuff and I’ll tell you how I feel about it… #GirlsGottaEatRight?  #WaitItsALightBulb


PS. In the video, before the music starts, that noise you hear in the background comes from the homemade Craps table in my living room.  Like made by hand by Christopher.  You know you want one.



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  1. I’ll pass your compliment on to Christopher, he’ll be excited. I agree it is amazing…although there’s no room in my living room anymore, which is NOT amazing, lol.



  2. The light bulb would be pretty cool for teens and some music lover I know…for me not so much. but it sounds like you are having a ball with it.

    The craps table…oh my gosh…that is amazing!!



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