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The funnest (#GrammarScandal2008) speakers I’ve ever seen

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Version 2

Have you ever been to a science museum that had one of these things?  I didn’t want to post a picture of kids but I had to leave enough after editing so that you could see the excitement generated when kids run their hands over the glass globe and the brightly colored electricity strands (?) follow their fingers.

This week’s (complimentary) gadget review is of 1byone‘s “Magic Plasma Wireless BT Speaker,” seen below.  For all practical purposes, it’s a speaker system that broadcasts music from your smart phone, mp3 player, etc.  But it’s way more fun than other little speaker sets because it’s actually a little version of that science museum glass globe.  You can run your fingers over it and the strands follow you plus the colors and brightness changes in tune to your music.  I figured the only way to do this review was to hand it over to a 12 year old tween and then interview her.  Her observations are below but first are a slideshow of 4 photos: 1) the speaker set in its 1byone box, 2) the speaker all lit up in action and 3) the speaker plugged into my 1byone USB hub.  (The speaker does not run on a battery – it plugs into your computer via USB) and 4) we attached an Apple AC adapter (aka the little white cube that plugs into the wall)to the USB cord that came with the speaker and then it was able to plug right into the wall as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Q: Was the Bluetooth pairing easy?

Yes, very.  See my video! (below)

Q: What happened when you started to play music?

It played well, although there was a little bit of a high-pitched sound when the music is on a low volume.

Q: How tall is it?

About 8 inches.

Q: How does it look all lit up in a dark room?

Looks cool!

Q: How was it after you ran it for like 30 minutes straight?

I ran it for 90 minutes and the wall adapter was barely warm (i.e., wasn’t overheating).

Q: When do you think you’ll use this?

When I have friends sleepover I could play music using it and have fun playing with it.

Q: Were you successful in playing music from both your phone and your tablet?


A fun review for all!  If you’re interested you can find 1byone’s Magic Plasma Wireless BT Speaker direct from their web site here or from their store on Amazon here.


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