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Review: HDTV Antenna. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have a cable bill?

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The purpose of an HDTV antenna is to gain access to tv channels the old fashioned way, from the airwaves (instead of cable).  No monthly cable bill, just the cost of the antenna. Don’t worry though – the antennas themselves are nothing like the old fashioned ones –  much smaller and easier to use.  You will not be up on the roof risking your life in order to catch the playoffs.

Starting to feel like a professional product tester, here’s my notes on the complimentary HDTV Antenna I was sent:

I put the antenna through five trials: 1) my living room window 2) outside of my house 3) window in an upstairs bedroom 4) a skylight in my parents’ upstairs bedroom and 5) another skylight in another of my parents’ upstairs bedrooms.

Each time I connected the antenna to a television (easy-just one cord) and went through the channel scan procedure in the menu of your television (if you’re not familiar with it, instructions come in the box) and then explored the channels that came through.

Different windows/houses yielded different results.  To synopsize, I always got the Home Shopping Network (HSN), the Quality, Value & Connivence channel (QVC), and the ION channel.  Three times I successfully got the Public Broadcasting Channel (PBS).  One time I got WMUR, my local ABC network.

My childhood home was at a very high elevation and I would have loved to see how it worked there!  Unfortunately, both my house and my parents’ current house are in little valleys.

The product is small and lightweight.  You have the choice to adhere it to a window or wall, or you can just loop it around a curtain rod like I did.  Although it does connect to the tv with a noticeable cord, the antenna part of the product is sleek and discreet.  It comes with good directions.  If you live at the bottom of a steep valley, don’t buy it.  However, I imagine in the right place you’d be receiving PBS, FOX, NBC, and CBS.  Which means you’d be paying $16.99 once for free channels that feature the news, sports games and sitcoms.  A good deal, for sure!

Here’s some photos of the product and its installation, as well as a 24 second video of the PBS News Hour I was able to catch using the antenna.

If you can’t see the video above, you can catch it here.

{As I mentioned before, I was only able to obtain 2 networks of use to me, PBS & WMUR.  In addition I received HSN, QVC & ION, which I would not use.}

I see that, if needed, 1byone also has products that amplify the antenna to strengthen its ability to connect you with channels.  You can find the antenna I tested here and other products by 1byone, including the amplifiers here.

I am now signing off as product tester and wish you a very nice day.


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