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Living Incurably in color

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Recently Christopher’s daughter and I drove over to my (retired) Art Teacher Nana for a lesson in watercolors.  Did you know you can take a specific kind of colored pencils and turn your drawing into a watercolor by gently brushing it with a wet paintbrush?  They have a hard name to remember –  “watercolor pencils”  – and even Crayola makes them so fairly easy to find.  I slept through the second half of the lesson (#fatigue #not bored) where she taught about shading and perspective, but I still managed to finish a little piece I am quite pleased with. (See photo with blue notebook. That one’s mine.)  I took art for 8 years of elementary school and 2 classes in high school and have never created something I like as much as this little piece.  #GreatTeachersMakeADifference

Who in your extended family would enjoy sharing some skill or knowledge with you?  You should plan a date with them.  It can be an economical activity for kids too, as well a great way to bond with family.



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