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When 1 = 4


Recently I was sent an adorable and complimentary (which of course made it even more adorable) little USB hub to try out.  A USB hub, in case you’re not familiar, is a gadget that takes one USB port and turns it into four.  And a USB port, in case you’re not familiar, is the way your gadgets connect to each other – your computer downloading the  photos off your camera, for example. Or your really nifty pink screw gun recharging its batteries while you drive to your friend’s house to provide emergency maintenance.  (Which, incidentally, was the only scenario I could think of to explain why a screw gun would charge via USB.)  So here’s my hub, which makes 1 = 4.  And my pink screw gun:

The main reason I’ll keep using this hub is its design.  When it’s not being used to port devices such as my USB thumb drive, my mini iPad, my bluetooth ear buds, and of course, my pink screw gun, it sits alone under my computer screen, barely noticeable.  It’s not just that the color happened to camouflage it perfectly against the silver hue of my old iMac, but its tiny and sleek design makes it perfectly discreet and does not clutter up my desktop in the slightest.  As you can see, the hub plugs into the back of the computer.  Which, by the way, does NOT need to be an Apple product – seeings how the U in USB stands for “universal” it works across all platforms – Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, etc:

Besides my uncluttered desktop, Christopher pointed out this hub can also be useful in the car.  I’m thinking back to recent car trips when all 3 (sometimes 4) of us wanted to charge our various phones/tablets/devices but there was only one USB port in the car.  Again this little guy could come in handy:

As part of a quest to broaden my blogging skills, I filmed a 2-minute video to illustrate my thoughts:

As far as negative critiquing goes, I only experienced one glitch BUT it could be part of a chronic problem stemming from the computer NOT the device – there was one time I thought everything was charging but actually nothing was charging because the hub wasn’t perfectly clicked into the back of the computer.  Seeing’s how I have a very old iMac with ports that can occasionally be finicky, I doubt much of the fault lies with the hub.

So, all in all, I recommend this gadget not just because it makes 1 = 4 but also for it’s sleek design and discreet aesthetic.  If your cluttered desktop or overcrowded car could use one, I believe you can purchase it here where it (right now) is selling for a bargain $12.99.

Hope that provides some helpful information for one of you out there!



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