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Scorpion Mole-Rat Lupus Research

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Random people are disappearing from a small farming community, somehow getting pulled underground never to be seen again.  This is how Season 2, Episode 2 of the sci-fi/crime show Fringe (now on Netflix) begins.  Our trusted FBI team investigates and some disturbing details emerge.  Cue this 30 second clip…

Now perhaps the Lupus Foundation could find this wild scenario useful in one of its campaigns.  Some kind of, Here’s what horrible things *might* happen if you don’t make your annual donation… or Send a letter to your representative asking for federal lupus research funding and prevent scorpion mole-rat serial killers!  Or, on a more practical note, we could all watch this clip repeatedly, triggering our happy hormone endorphins and effectively masking our discomfort for a few minutes.  Let’s go with that.  Cheers to fabulously incredible television shows that make us laugh.



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