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Solutions: Limitations to a day at the beach

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Not that I enjoy attaching myself to these tags, but a day at the beach can really be dragged down by being #tiring #photosensitive and #prone-to-muscle-spasms.  Drag it down for you and VERY much drag it down for your fellow beachgoers.  In a recent rare day far from the house with my family and future in-laws, I did my gosh darn best to keep the group above water on my account.  After all, if there’s anyone in the world you DON’T want to drag down, it’s your in-laws right?  (Love you, Cathleen & Frank!)  Anyway, some minor solutions that made a major difference to me –

* Location & level of activity.  The NH state park we visited had a narrow beach buffeted by picnic areas on the edge of a pinewood forrest.  I stayed in the pine shade most of the day; slept, read, prepared the family’s meals there and I didn’t feel left out for not sitting on the beach for hours.  (The sun was so bright that day that even my large umbrella wasn’t cutting it.)


* Not carrying my share.  We had so, so many bags of stuff.  Between towels, changes of clothing, the elaborate picnic meals I planned as well as two sailboats (one person sized and one remote controlled), many trips back and forth between the car had to take place.  And for most of the schlepping, I fiddled with things so as to look busy but not trigger muscle spasms.  Which feels disgusting because I’m sure everyone there had some kind of back/arthritic/etc pain that could be triggered by heavy bags.  As some kind of small consolation prize, I organized the hell out of those bags.  Packing them full, unpacking them, repacking them and then unpacking them again.    Maybe it contributed, maybe it drove everyone crazy.  But I’m betting even that would be less draining then me staring glassy eyed into the distance wincing every time I moved.  What a daughter-in-law to inherit.  A real earner.  C’est la vie.  But seriously, check out this mad beach organization:


* And for lack of a better title, here’s your Moment of Zen.  Christopher returning from the high seas, safe and sound:




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