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Solution: Project Save the Tablecloth


Earlier this year I put this Ralph Lauren table cloth, whose flowers so nicely match the color of our kitchen walls, on my Wish List.  It was selling for $40.00.  A month or two later I found it at Marshalls for $19.99.  Feeling like the Queen of Bargain Shopping I purchased it and laid it out on the table.  Then I immediately covered it up with an old plastic table cloth because I was so scared it would soon become stained with any number of red sauces/condiments.  So sad, my pretty table cloth rendered useless.

But Behold, a solution!  A clear plastic table cloth layered over my new printed one.*  See above pictures where a) the cover is pulled back a bit so you can see the contrast and b) where the cover is fully laid out over.  In a certain light it can appear shiny but most of the time it’s very inconspicuous.  For the life of me I can’t remember how much I spent, but with a JoAnn Fabrics 50% off coupon I know it was below $20.00.  #satisfied #couchISNOTnextIpromise

*Thanks to Christopher’s daughter who pointed it out to me in the store.



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