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Update to my #NotSponsored review of AlignMed Apparel

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A hastily written update to my June 7th blog post, “AlignMed’s Functional Apparel: Get dressed and sit up straight.”

7/8/15 Update: On these hot summer days I’ve started wearing my AlignMed Sports Bra instead of the whole Spinal Q vest when I exercise on the stationary bicycle in my living room and I must say it’s been working well  for me.  Either my core is actually stronger or my body is just better trained now – I can wear just the sports bra and still maintain posture that doesn’t result in immediate shoulder muscle spasms.  And did I mention the bra zips up in the front? AMAZING feature, easy and painless to take on and off.  I’ve still been wearing my full SpinalQ vest when I do my bookkeeping job though – office work just begs one to slump over, (physically AND psychologically, wouldn’t you say?) so the vest keeps me upright and  leaves me in less pain than a slumped over workday.

For my full review of my AlignMed apparel (#NotSponsored) read my post here.


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