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Two easy, free, good reading digital magazines



I sat down to tell you about this great (free) digital magazine I read weekly on my iPad called Stylist Arabia. Just now I googled it and discovered that it is actually a spin off of its parent digital magazine, Stylist UK (also free). My excitement has just doubled.

Before I dive in to enjoy all my newly-found current and back issues of Stylist UK, let me tell you what I’ve been enjoying about Stylist Arabia. It is a weekly magazine based out of Dubai, UAE. It reminds me of a more mature, more international, more intellectual (free) version of Lucky Magazine in that it’s a shopping magazine that highlights fashion/beauty/home/gift/tech items for sale from a variety of retailers. In addition, there are interesting interviews (Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, Fashion icon Iris Apfel, and Mad Men Actor Kiernan Shipka to name a few), travel features (locations all over the globe) and current happenings within Dubai (a city I am now slightly obsessed with.) In short, it is a great window shopping fix but also supplies you with sophisticated non-fashion conversation topics as well.

Both magazine apps are available (for free) in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store, search “Stylist Magazine” for the UK magazine and “Stylist Arabia” for the Dubai version. Once you have downloaded the app, the weekly magazine covers appear and you can pick which issue you want to download and read.




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