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1st Impression of AlignMed vest: Kinesio tape meets apparel line


A few years ago I had a physical therapist who, after our heated pool therapy, would apply Kinesio Tape to my shoulders in an effort to (as I understand it) stimulate better posture within painful muscles and to keep my shoulder blades from “winging out,” a phenomenon that results from pain, worsens said pain.  See this photo from a few years ago where my hot pink Kinesio tape was caught by the camera at a birthday party:


I was surprised that I liked the tape. Considering how achy and tender my shoulders are, and that something like a bra strap often feels akin to torture, I was surprised that the tape not was not painful but actually seemed to help prevent spasms.  Unfortunately the taping ended when the physical therapy ended, and that was that.

A few weeks ago when I received a fabulously free box of AlignMed Products, Christopher noticed that the literature mentioned Kinesio Tape when explaining the similarly therapeutic “NeuroBands” within AlignMed’s garments. That was a hopeful thing to hear, because, despite the excitement of getting to try new products out for free, I was a little nervous that they would just be really tight shirts that made the pain from a bra strap feel like a walk in the park.  (I’m thinking that saying was not coined by someone who had Lupus.  I guess the Lupus version would be a very small, dark park.)

So since I got home last weekend from a visit to Washington, DC I have worn the AlignMed SpinalQ vest twice for a period of one hour each time (recommended use in the beginning).  I wore it for two activities where I typically end up having especially bad posture – typing and riding my exercise bike. See me in the vest here:


As you can see from the picture, this product is so NOT related to the nonsense product being endorsed by the Kardashians lately.  It’s like 2015 vs. 1817.

Initial observations: Wearing the vest did feel similar to wearing  my PT Kinesio tape, a gentle but firm, constant lift and hold. Having proper posture for an hour of the day felt good, both physically and mentally.  After a larger, more scientific-sized sample of sessions and observations, I will report back.

I hope your week starts off on a good note.



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  1. Thanks for the update on this. I’m really interested in learning more about how it works for you. I’ve got a PT locally that also uses kt tape and I love it when she does, but like you said unless I’m in PT I don’t get it. I did buy some and at one point she showed my hubby how to apply it but it’s been so long that neither of us would remember.



    • So glad to hear when someone is connects with a post. I’ve been wearing the vest more and more, I’ll keep you updated on my findings!



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