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Masking Tinnitus: How two Bluetooth products are saving my sanity.


Living Incurably now has an account on Storehouse – a neat app available for Apple products (and via their website) where you can “seamlessly combine photos, videos, and text into a beautiful story.”  It’s fun and easy to create a story, and it’s also a great way to view international photography/journalism/art/fashion/travel, etc projects.

I posted my first story yesterday.  I’d love for you to check it out via Storehouse, but I’ve also made it into the blog post below.

My chronic Tinnitus can be “masked” by low volume white noise via ear buds.  Many doctors don’t bother to share this practical solution or instead they focus on trying to sell you the $2,800 medical solution.

I currently have two Bluetooth headsets and I recommend them both. The first is an MPOW Cheetah Sport 4.1 model. I wear this one when I don’t want to be hindered by earbuds that slip or cords that get tangled. Available on Amazon for $29.99. See pictures below.

My second pair is a SoundBot SB730. It’s more attractive, discreet and better suited for social/professional events, especially if you only use one of the earbuds. This model does not stay in place as well as the first but a small strip of clear medical tape behind your ear takes care of that problem. Also available on Amazon for $29.99. See pictures below.

The Bluetooth range with both models is quite impressive. At home I can be in any room on either floor, and still be in range of my iPhone sitting in my purse.

So this is the Tinnitus I hear 24 hours a day –

Compared to that, this brown noise (a variation of white noise) is just wonderful.

It’s a six minute track I bought on iTunes for $.99. I put it on “repeat” and it plays on an endless loop on a very low volume level.


I hope this info is useful to some of my fellow Tinnitus patients. I’m delighted to find such a practical solution that can redirect our attention away from this miserable condition and back to living the bold, colorful lives we were meant to.


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