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Dynamic (adj): Positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.

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Give him a week, a napkin, and a $4 app and he’ll master the trick and create this one minute movie.  And like 6 others.  Seriously, he’s been doing one a day, different trick each time.

(Here’s the direct YouTube link if the video doesn’t come up for you.)

I admit there are times when I get exasperated because every few weeks there is a brand new, seemingly out of nowhere passion.

There was pickle-making (they were tasty!), spray paint art (see picture below), a vintage motorcycle (OMG I love riding on the back of it), Spanish lessons via an iPhone (Él es bastante buena) and now magic trick videos.

At times I might get a little overwhelmed by the fast pace, but I’m happily going along for the ride because he’s giving me a dynamic, interesting life which is all I ever wanted and just what the doctor ordered.


Spray Paint Art. It took him about 3 days to get this good.  No joke.



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