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My desk makeover complete with before and after pics


I know I’ve had this desk for just about 10 years now because I remember my mom taking me shopping for it when I moved home for graduate school.  It has some nice features to it but the glass plating is not one of them.  The glass is forever streaky and unsightly things like electrical cords and lost Fruity Cheerios are visible through each shelf.  So while watching The Great British Baking Show I applied contact paper to each sheet of glass, mixing two black and white prints:

Three things I learned:  1)  Dark, busy prints like the ones I chose hide imperfections.  2) Applying smaller panels of contact paper (as opposed to applying the width of the whole roll) ensures less imperfections.  A dark, busy print also helps hide the fact that you used smaller panels.  3) You can use a pin to pop any little bubbles.

Cheers to $6.00 makeovers!



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