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Humor, honesty & humility should be paired with a new outfit, right?


My little Kindle book, Living Incurably Despite Chronic Illness, received a kind review in the Spring 2015 Lupus Now magazine.  It was mentioned in the Media Roundup, along with the 2014 book, Lupus Q&A: Everything You Need to Know Revised and Updated, 3rd edition.

Living Incurably Despite Chronic Illness, by AshleyJane Kneeland (self-published, 2014).  This little book is an Editor’s Pick for its humor, honesty, and humility.  Available for $2.99 through Kindle; take a sneak peek here.

This review, following my article on  last week, has made for an exciting year so far.  At what point is celebrating in order?  And can I myself declare celebrating to commence? Or does someone else have to take care of that?  Have I mentioned that I often worry that I’m a narcissist?  Apparently Dr.Drew has a test for it but I’m too terrified to take it.  So I guess the best course of action would be to stop thinking about celebrating myself and get back to praying away the inherent faults of my personality. But if you want to send flowers or Target gift cards that’s cool too.

I hope this spring you all get some form of good news as well.



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  1. You definitely have a right to celebrate! Go Ashley Jane! You Rock! In all seriousness, you really should celebrate and keep up the good work. I’ve been pretty happy this year myself, 3 articles published on prohealth and 1 more semester closer to finishing my degree. Even happier still that I finally got feedback on one of my classes that had been stressing me out all semester (by not providing feedback/grades) and I’m heading into the semester looking like 3As and a B (not too shabby). 2 semesters left and I can get back to focusing on just writing.



  2. A true narcissist wouldn’t worry if they were a narcissist, they wouldn’t care because they know they are perfect in every way. 🙂 So you’re fine. Go celebrate.



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