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A calm, well-argued opinion piece

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Follow this link or click on the image below to read a succinct, calm and well-argued opinion piece by Donald Unger in the Boston Globe.   I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Mr. Unger earlier this year at NH Arthritis Foundation event, and within 5 minutes he kindly offered up a Fibromyalgia doctor recommendation and also told me about the US Pain Foundation.  He strikes me as a great example of living incurably –  he didn’t shift the conversation towards his own health once, indeed I had no idea he was a pain patient himself until I read this article. {2/14 Redaction: Donald Unger was NOT the man I briefly talked with at the NH Arthritis Foundation event.  I have never met Donald Unger and have no idea why my foggy brain insisted with such clarity that he was.  My apologies.}    If you approve, share it via social media – I think it’s such a reasonable argument that it could even sway people who are close-minded about pain management.  Bravo.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.30.39 AM

…and happy snow day to New Englanders today.



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