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Nearly a catastrophe


Yesterday morning I had a near catastrophe and I’m giving the internet full credit for saving the day.  Here’s what happened.  I used to have a glass cup on the bureau that I’d put my cell phone in so it was safe from any spills/humidifier leaks, etc.  That cup is not longer there.  But yesterday in a morning haze I forgot that and plopped the it’s-so-expensive-I’ll-never-be-able-to-replace-it-iPhone into the cup of water I had brought up to the room last night.  After leaning down to fuss over my new kitten (!), maybe 25 seconds later I realized my mistake and with a very loud, very dramatic gasp snatched it out of the water.


Well, after foolishly thinking that 25 seconds in a cup of water somehow would not affect an electronic device, an hour later I realized that my phone was stuck in “headphone mode.”  I couldn’t hear it ring, couldn’t hear anyone calling me unless headphones were were in my ears.  In full panic mode, I went straight to the internet, where these fine people gave me some advice I never would have considered:  Exhale, then put your mouth over the headphones hole and suck as hard as you can.  Little droplets of water that wouldn’t shake out get sucked out instead.  After several times, the phone was no longer in headphones mode and I was saved from a financial disaster.  And saved from the shame of telling Christopher, who gave the phone to me.  Saved from having to wear headphones like, always.  So lucky.  Thank you internet.  For good measure the phone spent the rest of the day in a cup of rice just in case there was any remaining humidity.  Disaster averted.  One of those lucky days.


Help me spread the word to smart phone users everywhere – suck that unwanted moisture out like it’s snake venom in the leg of your first born.  And I hope you have a lucky day like mine sometime soon.




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  1. The waterproofing was the #1 reason that my husband pretty much forced us to upgrade our phones the first moment the upgrade was available (granted we are on Androids, not sure if the new Iphones have that).

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