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Oh that AshleyJane

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Gil Pender was getting a check-up today at the verternarian (yeah Banfield conveniently located in PetSmarts) and one pamphlet in particular caught my eye.  Not one iota of me wants to think about my beloved cat having a chronic illness.  But that’s a reality for some animals, so I guess it’s a good thing that veterinarians are progressive enough to frame the issue as such.  But still.  Ugh.  What a dismal notion.

You know what, I wouldn’t ever want anyone to feel that way about me.  Oh that AshleyJane with that depressing chronic illness.  All those symptoms.  All that pain.  Ugh.  How dreary it is to think about her.  Must, must, must make it life’s work to avoid being the subject of such remarks.

Oh let’s look at how handsome and precious Gil is in his favorite box top.  Adorable.  Spirits raised.


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