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Chat Pack. Probably not available in North Korea.

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Many (read: most) nights by the time I’ve finished cooking dinner (read: 3 dinners – 1 vegetarian, 1 picky eater vegetarian, and me the carnivore) I barely have the energy and wherwithal to eat said dinner, much less hold up my end of hosting pleasant and interesting dinner conversations.  In comes the Chat Pack.


Someone grabs a question out of the box and everyone at the table gets a chance to share their answer.  It’s not trivia like trivial pursuit, just…chatting.  (An example as seen below, What is something you really enjoy doing that is a chore or bore for many people?)


We’ve gotten them out when we have dinner guests as well, and it seemed to result in laughing and getting to know people better.

It also comes in handy when Christopher’s daughter has a friend sleep over and I don’t want to subject our 11 year old guest to Christopher and I doing a two-person diatribe on what Seth Rogen during his Howard Stern interview, how I think we’re the most patriotic people on the block because we digitally rented “The Interview” on Christmas day, and how North Korea can just s&ck it.  You’ll probably never read that phrase again on this blog but such a sick delusional regime calls for a little crude language.  And how lovely that I live in a country where I have the freedom to blog about such opinions.

This Chat Pack is available on Amazon for about $9.00, and other versions are out there as well.   Happy chatting.



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