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Living Incurably with Books & Bears


I interrupted a three-year streak of reading pretty much only Science Fiction novels to try a historical novel of Christopher’s, New York by Edward Rutherfurd.  After New York, I read London, am now halfway through Paris and have Russka on deck (thanks Dad!).  I find them easy reading even when my mind is tired or fuzzy, yet I’ve picked up so much historical knowledge that I would be a simply brilliant conversationalist at social events.  If I ever went to any.  Which I don’t.  However it’s sure to make me an even better substitute teacher, right?  Although it probably won’t be too helpful tomorrow, when I spend half the day crawling around on the floor with tiny and emotional Kindergarteners who don’t care in the slightest about the history of New York, London, and Paris.


In fact, I’ve become such a fan of this writer that when Christopher gave his daughter and I enormous bears for Christmas, I named mine Rutherfurd.  (By the way, this is a large adult sized-couch these guys are sitting on.  They’re that big.)


The other day my 4 year old niece came to visit and was delighted with Rutherfurd, promptly hugging him and crawling up in his lap.  She crawled behind him and here’s a 9 second video of what happened:

(If you’re having trouble viewing the video here’s the direct YouTube link.)

Hope you have some fun stuff like this to focus on.  Makes such a difference.



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