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Conducting an imaginary chorus

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On Saturday my family attended an event at the Currier Museum of Art to celebrate my Nana Vicki’s birthday.  “Caroling In the Galleries” is an annual event where the Manchester Choral Society actual performs Christmas carols throughout the museum.  Here’s a 12 second clip just to give you an idea of how wonderful it was to experience:

The performance started in the museum’s cafe where my family found a table and camped out to listen.  My 4 year old niece was quite well-behaved, at one point even shushing me with, “SHHH!  We’re listening to important music!”

This “important music” was being conducted by a lovely and lively gentleman who held the floor for around 10 songs until an intern from a local college, a young lady, subbed in for him  for a song.  After that one song I noticed my niece started “conducting” herself, expressing the music with both hands as though she had her own chorus of professional singers in front of her.  I found that really significant.  After 10 songs conducted by a man she sat and listened but after one song conducted by a woman, she was conducting herself.

It is so important that we try to be conscious that young ladies and young men model behavior after the adults they’re exposed to, especially those of their own gender.  Just because you’re not some kind of formal role model or mentor doesn’t mean that how you react in Wal-Mart when someone rams into your cart, or in the grocery store when you slip $5 to the lady in front of you who is short $4.32, isn’t being observed and modeled by kids, teenagers, and sometimes even adults.  Show the world you have restraint, inspiration, and kindness.  Because a 4 year old girl conducting an imaginary chorus is one of the sweetest things you can watch.



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