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Living Incurably has to start somewhere – OR – What I heard eavesdropping at the tip of Cape Cod


Christopher and I are in Provincetown, MA for Thanksgiving.  For those of you not familiar with the area, Provincetown is at the very tip of Cape Cod.  Fortuitously, very few places were open and we ended up having our Thanksgiving meal at a very unique restaurant called Napi’s.  During the second half of our meal, Napi himself was sitting behind our table visiting with other patrons and I listened in as he told the story of the beginnings of the restaurant 4o or so years ago.  Napi built the restaurant room by room purely with materials from the salvage yard, which is why the interior of the place was so frickin’ cool – wood beams that use to be the skeleton of ships, swirly brick walls, and these stained glass windows behind the bar, which I couldn’t stop staring at but at the same time felt myself blushing at the would-be horror of the elder churchgoing women in my family:


In the beginning, Napi used salvage yard materials for a very practical reason – the bank wouldn’t grant him a loan to buy any new materials.  “Best thing that ever happened to me!” I heard him say.  Which brings me to something I pinned on the Living Incurably Pinterest board just the other day:


When life feels stalled out – like mine did for the greater part of my twenties –  we’ve got to start somewhere to get anywhere.  Napi started in a salvage yard.  I’m guess if we don’t start somewhere and just let other people’s decisions (or our own illnesses!) default our own, then our lives will end up the metaphorical Applebees sitting on the site of what should be another brilliantly unique Napi’s.

Signing off from wintry Cape Cod feeling, as always, slightly embarrassed about all my dreams but yet still dreaming them.



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  1. I have never been to Provincetown but I am dying to go. I work in hospitality and we have a sister hotel there (Harbor Hotel) I hear about it all the time and eventually I will get there. This place looks gorgeous..I’ll have to keep it in mind!!



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