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What you allow is what will continue.

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A reblog here for you from Fiercely Flared. When I was 25 and dating, I would have been so comforted by this post. And maybe it would have knocked some sense into me too.

Fierce and Flared

Relationships are tough in of themselves, but when you’re dealing with a relationship while also working on re-building a strong relationship with yourself is the toughest.

There have been many discussions and articles written by IBD’ers and how they handle romantic relationships and relationships with friends when their disease process or suffering seems to be coming to it’s peak. I’ve heard many awful stories of significant others disrespecting the person who is already sick, feeding off of their insecurities in order to make themselves feel better.

There are those amazing, supportive people out there who are willing to take the good with the bad, but they are hard to find these days.  Especially after everything that inflammatory bowel disease puts you through, both mentally and physically.

The good news is the physicality’s of the disease can be managed and put into remission. What’s left is the emotional toll that the…

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