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Frank Lloyd Wright & Living Incurably while separated from the action

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This past weekend we took advantage of our gifted family membership to the Currier Art Museum and went on a tour of the Zimmerman Frank Lloyd Wright House owned by the museum.  The Zimmermans were a couple residing in Manchester, NH who longed for a very different kind of house.  They contacted the famous/infamous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1950 and he designed for them a small, easily maintained house with a very unique atmosphere to it.  Zimmerman was exceedingly detailed and controlling but I could easily see the genius to his design.  His goal was to design organic structures that existed within nature instead of imposing on it.  Every tiny facet of the house was built and arranged exactly how he wanted it in order to achieve that feel and functionality.  But here’s the crazy part – Frank Lloyd Wright never set foot in the state of New Hampshire.  He was working on other projects at the time so he sent staff up to photograph and document every inch of first the piece of land, and then every inch of the building process.

The fact that Wright created this now historical piece of artwork from afar really stuck with me.  I’ve always desired a successful career, but now that I’m sick I feel separated from the action most of the time, physically, socially, and sometimes mentally.   I’m not saying I’m longing to return to my D.C. days on Capitol Hill, but the ambitious part of me wants to have my hand in something successful.  There are exciting opportunities here in NH, but most of the time I feel separated from that world as well because I’m always home, exhausted and hurting from something like a measly trip to the grocery store.

But to be able to create a success while physically separated from the action, that’s a notion that intrigues and motivates me.  Because the way things are right now, that’s my only option for any kind of interesting career success.  I’ve got to make it happen right here in my house with my iMac, heating pad, my prescription medications and a schedule that allows for rest the instant it’s needed.  I’ll accept that as a rundown of the limitations.  Luckily, I’ve never had a problem knowing what my strengths are and I happen to think they outweigh the former.  I get the feeling good ole Frank had a similar ego.



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