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I bet you can help me


Below are some of my goals for Living Incurably.  I’m looking for suggestions/tips and I bet you can help me.  If you have any thoughts that might be helpful, I urge you to comment below or send me an email at

Increasing the readership of this blog. Any web tactics that have made your blog more visible? How to publish a “guest post” on someone else’s blog? What have I not thought of?

Publish articles/columns. I’m already familiar with The Pillow Fort digital magazine, Everyday, and the Huffington Post Health Blog.  Where else can I look into?

Thanks very much.



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  1. I like some of your recent pictures. They were what first drew me to some of your posts. Not sure if that is helpful, but just what I noticed for myself 🙂



  2. The only way I know of to increase readership (and I can’t really talk, I think I have like, 200 followers — but I’m not good with numbers and I don’t really pay attention to these things) is to keep writing, write about interesting things, comment on other blogs, reply to comments on your blog, and have a good layout.

    I will say that the layout on your blog is… iffy to me. The “leave a reply” was hard to find at first that doesn’t encourage discourse. Just a thought.



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