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Living Incurably on a budget, Part IV


Not since Scarlett O’Hara tore down the curtains on the ruined plantation of Tara has such a clever wardrobe hack been pulled off.  I recently attended a special sale at my favorite local thrift store where you paid $10 for a bag and got to keep anything you could reasonably fit inside.  One of the many clothing items I crammed into my bag was this black skirt.  It’s mid-calf length with a cut that suggests a slightly full and swishy 1950s skirt.

IMG_0394Now this is a party dress that I bought at H&M two years ago.  I love the sparkles but the skirt is way too short, even with opaque black tights.


But you know what this tulle too-short bottom half IS good for?  Giving my high-waisted black skirt a little more volume and swish.  Throw in a wide red belt I got at H&M 4 years ago and I do believe we have the illusion of a tiny waisted dress.  Here it is put together on the bed.


This holiday season when I pair it with some little black shoes (and maybe some nude compression tights!) I suspect I may be able to pull it off as a “dress” instead of 3 random items I wouldn’t wear otherwise.  Now looking forward to the holidays.

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