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Living Incurably Compressed, Part I


I was fitted for my first pair of compression stockings this week.  My electrophysiologist cardiology guy recommended them strongly to help reduce the symptoms of POTS – the idea is that compression on my lower half will keep more blood volume in the upper half of my body, which results in less dizziness and wooziness.  So my prescription was sent to this medical supply company (locations all over NH and VT) and my first pair came in.  Here’s my thoughts so far:

  • I think I’m going to call them “compression tights.”  “Stockings” just feels a little too medical and a little too elderly for me.
  • I was surprised that they had me purchase this pair of extra grippy gloves ($8) for hiking the stockings tights up with.  They do work well, but again, it really puts it in your face, first thing in the morning, that you’re wearing something medical.
  • I really like opaque black tights so you can’t see my skin at all, and this pair was a little sheerer than I’d like.  They’re looking into a more opaque tight for the next pair.
  • I’ll get this amount of sheerness in a nude-ish color so I have a pair that looks like nylons as well.
  • They really do look like regular tights/nylons, but they feel less soft and flexible.
  • I’m a little worried that my fibro sensitivity won’t agree with wearing them all day, but I will keep you posted.




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  3. After all the measurements they took, I was a little surprised they just handed me some in a box. With all the hype you’d think someone was hand knitting them for me. But I guess it’s important because the wrong size could compress you too much or too little.



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