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Living Incurably on a budget, Part III — or as I like to think of it, How to survive on Social Security with a little style


Let’s talk about three “d” words.  Disability, dishware and the Dollar Tree.  It’s hard being sick.  Duh.  But it’s especially hard being sick and broke, because you can’t take on the 1.5 side jobs on top of a regular full-time job that you normally would to make the money to earn rent, buy underwear, and maybe occasionally go away for the weekend.  So your illness has disabled you, and you’re trying to survive on a pittance.  (Not that we’re not grateful for that pittance, Uncle Sam!  Very grateful!  Not complaining.  And only spending it on the essentials, never anything frivolous.)

Lucky for you, I have a great lead on dishware for you.  From the Dollar Tree, which has locations all over the U.S. and also takes orders online.  I bought these plates for $1.00/plate  2.5 years ago and they’re still going strong.  Mugs and bowls, also $1.00 piece.  I get drinking glasses there too, but due to my natural clumsiness/medication-induced clumsiness I break glasses constantly so I can’t report on how long-lasting they are.  Visit frequently and you’ll find different colors.  On that same point, if you find a color you like, buy in bulk because they’re probably won’t be anymore next time you come back.





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