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Wellbutrin and the value of having a diverse medical team

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If I wasn’t a substitute teacher and the daughter of a ladylike lady, I would be tempted to write a very candid post about a certain medicine that can counter the unwanted side effects of many anxiety/antidepressant medicines.  I wouldn’t name these “unwanted side effects” because they relate to the boudoir.  And that would be shockingly unladylike.  But many of us know that if even if you have chronic pain, there is one place on your body you would like to feel things.  Boudoir things.  And suprisingly, this unnamed prescription, which is typically used to treat anxiety/depression/nicotine withdrawal, can act as a counterweight and actually get some feeling back to these boudoir areas of the body.

I risk sounding unladylike because of my greater point:  my Primary Care Physician didn’t tell me about this nifty little trick.  None of my specialist MDs told me about this.  My counselor, who does not even prescribe prescriptions, but who is excellent at taking all the crap that people vent to her about and finding solutions, gave me this handy information.  The greater lesson of my anecdote is that sometimes the professionals who actually spend a considerable amount of time with their patients, even if they have less legal authority in the field of medicine, are incredibly valuable. 

And dare I risk sounding unladylike again, but I’ll tell you this:  My fiancé owes my counselor a thank you note.  Her tip worked.  (For me, at least.)

Note: This is NOT medical advice.  I am NOT recommending that anyone take a new medication.  I am making a point about the value of having a diverse medical team.


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