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Living Incurably Despite Fashion Tragedy




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  1. Things like that just happen when you’re dealing with pain. It’s much easier to pull up a pair of sweatpants than deal with things like zippers and buttons. Or if, like me, you’re dealing with fluctuating body weight because of edema and thyroid issues, sweat pants are a godsend. They fit when I’m bloated and when I’m normal. But yoga pants at least make me feel a little more “dressed”. Ha!



    • Yes! Yoga pants are a godsend. I marvel at the streamlined bootcut styles because they’re so the opposite of the purple sweatpants that were gathered at the ankle that I think of from my childhood. When I walk my stepdaughter to the bus stop in the morning, I see other women dressed just like me, in full yoga pants and yoga zip-ups. I think of it as our “I haven’t showered yet but I want to as presentable as possible” look.



      • I have to confess that I love the old kind of seat pants that gather at the ankle. Yoga pants don’t have the deep, big pockets that they did. I miss those deep, big pockets. If I had smaller hips, I’d so wear men’s sweats because they aren’t yoga pants. ^_^



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