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Living Incurably Calls for Inspiration

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In my effort to be the best little blogger/writer I can be, I’m discovering how important inspiration is.  Not in the sense that I’m finely skilled painter who sees an idyllic chapel on a rolling hillside and says, “I MUST paint this!” but in the sense that little things here and there give me ideas for posts and essays, or at the very least, encourage me to keep at it.

On this fine Friday, here’s a few things that inspire me…

Other people pursuing their goals/interests. My fiancé does freelance writing for a NH history magazine, called Rediscover New Hampshire. I’ve even mentioned in this particular article, which I find very romantic.


Getting the heck out of town sometimes.  Especially when wearing my favorite wardrobe choices.  This summer Christopher and I visited Stowe, VT and what a great town.  On a whim we stopped at the West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Garden. I really liked it there.  I also really liked my outfit that day.


My living environment.  I find sharing a house with Christopher is often inspirational because besides his writing, he creates these amazing art projects seemingly out of nowhere, masters them, and then moves on to something else.  Here’s a product of the summer he took up spray paint art


and here’s a plain wooden chair that he made a whole lot more interesting.  There’s a matching coffee table as well.


What inspires you to pursue your interests?  Or even just to get out of bed in the morning?  When you’re chronically ill sometimes that’s the crucial first step.


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