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A Black Thigh and Some Second Graders


I fell down a flight of stairs today.  You might think that would be what I’d post about tonight, but the story isn’t too interesting and while I did text a picture of the two-hour old bruise, I somehow suspect a selfie of my now black thigh will not in fact earn me any blogging awards.

So instead I will share this tidbit with you from this past Friday when I was a substitute teacher in a second grade classroom.  I have experienced before that second grade girls are very curious about the personal lives of young women (which at 31 I hopefully still come across as).  I’d had similar conversations to this one before, but Friday a little second grade boy jumped in for the perfect comedic ending.

2nd Grade Girl #1:  Are you married?

Me:  I’m engaged.

2nd Grade Girl #2: What’s his name?

Me: Christopher

2nd Grade Girl #1: (Leaning forward, as though this is a question that will make or break a political candidate) …Does he have a beard?

Me:  Sometimes.  When he’s too lazy to shave.

2nd Grade Boy: (scornfully but without looking out from his coloring)  Who doesn’t have time to shave?

The girls and I looked over at this sudden contributor and absurdly I confirmed that he indeed, did seem to be clean-shaven.  He had apparently found the time before school.


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