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Dry needling as well as bits & bobs


I’ve been a little laid up from my twice a week dry needling – a process where, if you’re not familiar with it, my lovely and highly skilled physical therapy doctor jabs a needle into the most incredibly tender knots and muscles of my neck and shoulders and jiggles that needle around until the muscle spasms the way she wants it to spasm.  Afterwards it feels like my shoulders and neck have been cut open surgically and left that way, with all nerve endings open to the elements.  That eventually fades however, and I end up having less muscle spasms the rest of the week.  Now before you all open another tab in your browser to find a local practitioner so you too can have this experience, here’s some bits & bobs from my corner of the universe.

My “incurable” tattoo mentioned in the introduction of my little book:


Some words of wisdom, not by me:


And me wearing the beautiful thobe that was given to me by some new friends of ours who moved here from Iraq.  It is so comfortable to wear with sore muscles. No straps, no waistbands and yet it doesn’t feel like sloppy loungewear.  Love it.


Okay, now you can run out and sign up for some dry needling torture, I mean treatment of your own….





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