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Equivalency of an open liquor cabinet


My counselor told me leaving prescription drugs (of any kind, not just pain killers) accessible to others is like leaving a hard liquor cabinet unlocked around kids or leaving an open bottle of wine around a recovering alcholic.  She said no matter how much you trust your kids and your guests, it is the responsible thing to keep your prescription bottles in a lockbox. She told me this over a year ago and finally a few months ago I made the change from keeping my medicine on a high kitchen shelf to locking it up safe in a lockbox.  Despite my wonderful family and their friends, I was surprised at how reassured I felt; I think my subconscious was trying to mentally keep track of how many pills I had of each variety to make sure none were missing. I highly recommend making the change if you haven’t already.

Here’s the box I purchased:

IMG_0230    IMG_0231

And here’s the pill boxes I use so I only have to access the lockbox once a week:



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  1. Given your obvious stylishness, I am quite surprised you are not an owner of a Sara Gorman Pillbag. The pattern under you pill organizer looks like the Pillfold Bordeaux.



  2. Good thing you have a pill box because opening that lock box however many times a day would be a royal PAIN!
    and to your counselor… paranoid much?



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