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I always have a pack of Salonpas Large Size (5″x3″) patches in my handbag.  One patch covers up the site of my worst shoulder muscle spasms.  It does kind of feel like it’s chemically burning your skin,  but if you have muscle spasms like mine, you welcome the distraction.  Some days it even relaxes the muscle enough that hours later when I peel it off, the spasm is almost gone.  I get them at Rite Aid, a pack of 4 patches costs $2.99.  


As I’ve mentioned before, I am a big fan of prunes and a certain prune/plum juice to combat the common constipation problem that comes with chronic illness and medication side effects, but I thought it was worth mentioning for those of you that prefer Miralax that a doctor wrote me a prescription for it this summer, and I got a giant bottle for way less than the cost of a tiny bottle of OTC Miralax.  I checked to make sure it really was the same thing, and as you can see below, the generic Rx seems to have exactly the same formula.  



I hope this information is helpful to someone out there!


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  1. I found the Salonpas very helpful when we were moving. I was having a lot of pain around my neck. I broke a vertebra years ago and have arthritis there now, but this was more muscular I think, it felt like the muscles were pulling on the bone. I had been mostly bed bound until about a month before, and was suddenly able to do much more, I know it was a lot to deal with. These little babies helped! But if you use them often in the same spot they can cause a rash. ouch.

    The prescription Miralax is interesting. I don’t have to use it that often. I do get constipated from time to time because of the meds I have to take, but luckily not too often. I can’t take prunes, wish I could, because of fructose malabsorbtion. So Miralax really does the job without too many side effects.

    thanks for your suggestions and help.



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