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Disability accommodations in school settings

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Great article on “Requesting Disability Accommodations” in school settings here. The author Julie, over at Counting My Spoons blog, reminds us that accommodations doesn’t just mean a stereotypical wheelchair; one of her accommodations is that she can wear sunglasses in class, another that she be able to type long exams instead of handwrite them.  And remember this isn’t just for colleges – if you’re the parent of an ill child, don’t be afraid to insist (well, ask nicely first) on creative accommodations that would help even the playing field for your child.

Sometimes I meantally start a list of the accommodations my childhood self needed, but the minute I start thinking about it, I feel my pain getting worse from the stress of the memories.  There’s no point in going there, none whatsoever.  For my physical and mental health, I have to let go of that crap, live for now, and look forward to the future.  Which, by the way, is way more fun.


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  1. Thank you for sharing my post. I think most of us have no clue at the variety of things that we can ask for (and get). In talking to one instructor yesterday he said he had one guy who asked for all class notes to be printed on blue paper. He told the student he’d be happy to do that but was there a way that might be better? The student was like “yeah, you could give them to me electronically so I can size them and do whatever I need to with them”. So, that’s what he did. Not all instructors will go that extra distance to find out how they can accommodate you in ways better than what is required, but it’s nice to know that some will.



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